Lodge Place - Sutton

Draft Proposals

A development proposal by Rachel Charitable Trust

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Aerial view of the site


The proposal comprises a  redevelopment of an underutilised brownfield site offering much needed residential accommodation whilst retaining the existing retail floor space.

The site is currently occupied by Farmfoods and Carpet Right in a single storey brick building.  A shared service yard, owned by the applicant is located on the eastern side.

The site faces Lodge Place which is also a primary pedestrian route from the adjoining car park along Throwley Way.

Throwley Way is the primary north-south route from the town centre and will continue serve the development from this access point.

The M&S building and properties to the High Street, both unaffected, will form the rear boundary of the development.

The site is a highly sustainable location being adjacent to the central shopping area, well served by numerous local buses and within easy walking distance of Sutton Station.